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Day 22-25 With the Literary ESV

I can’t believe I’ve fallen behind in these posts. I’ve been reading but not reporting. The problem is that I’m reading on paper now rather than on the computer screen. That means I can read in bed, or in my easy chair or outside while the kids run around. These are the times and places I’m far less prone to writing down my thoughts as I read.

In the last few days I started in Malachi and then passed 400 years with the flick of a finger as I moved from the Old Testament into the New. The Gospels then piled up one after another to invade my senses with the sights and sounds of Israel lost and struggling to recognize a savior standing right in front of them.

Still Looking for a new bible

Note:The original article actually disappeared and I’ve managed to partially reconstruct it below. I’m still looking in to the cause.

As you may recall, quite some time ago I was moaning about my bible falling apart. I do have a plan to pull out all the stops and rebind it myself. Sure I could have it rebound but I want to learn about the process, about quality and just plain about doing it right. So I’ve started wondering what doing it right means.
I’ve also been dreaming about making my own Scholars Bible.
Can you imagine the joy of reading a well designed bible in multicolumn format:

Wide Margin for Notes Hebrew OT or Greek NA27 Byzantine or LXX NASB or ESV Cross References
Apparatus Apparatus Apparatus Study Notes  

Of course it would be a behemoth wouldn’t it. To make matters worse I’ve started reading the Bible Design and Binding Bible Blog and now I have a whole host of additional requirements to add, several started with A Bible Reader’s Manifesto and then grew from some of my own desires.

  1. Quality construction please.  I’m tired of bibles that fall apart after only a year.  Yes that is partly my fault.  But then I think I’m done buying bibles off the $10 rack.
  2. Sewn bindings which lay flat when the Bible is Open, and not just at Psalm 127, how about laying flat at Genesis 1 and Revelation 22 as well?

Preview of Simple Timeline Creator for Logos Libronix 3.x

I know I haven’t posted much of late, but I have been busy… Here are some screen shots of a tool I hope to release later this summer (along with the source code.) I’m still working on some simple issues like removing the XML extensions from titles and some error checking, but it is mostly working…

It is NOT an editor, but a tool for creating new timelines and adding events to existing ones… It does not support Event Groups or Hyperlinks at this time…

It does support multiple forms of dates (YYYY, cYYYY, -YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD, etc.) It also allows for limited Description support.

Anyway, here are some screen shots: