Daily Archives: June 4, 2008


I walked into my office this afternoon and picked up my cellphone and …. what…. oh man! My phone is dead. My beloved Treo 650 which has served well over the last few years gave up the digital ghost. It won’t boot, and charging it only makes the battery hot. I have no idea why it finally perished but so be it.
The problem is I’ve lost my evening reading bible (Palmbible +) as well as my contacts, calendar, to do and well, all the stuff that I carry with me all the time in it’s relatively tiny package. The biggest part I’m going to miss is the Bible. I took it visiting, and read it every night, even when I would wake up in the middle of the night since I could read it without lights on and the back light turned real low. I had the ESV, NIV, NASB, KJV, Greek, Hebrew and even Haitian Creole bibles on it plus a lot more.
So I rummaged through the closet and grabbed an old LG clamshell of my wife’s which has a few quirks (defects) but at least it mostly works. I swapped my sim card and voila! I’m good to go at least for a few days while I pray about a replacement. I’m not sure I really want to go back to a full PDA phone even though I miss it. I’ll get used to whatever I use. But what I need to make sure of is that I don’t get something I don’t need.
Any suggestions?

Day 4 With the Literary ESV

I note that my passage cutoff’s aren’t as even as they should be. At approximately 30 chapters a day I’m overlapping Leviticus and Numbers as books that could almost be read in one sitting. Ah, well that’s alright. Now SHH. It’s time for me to get reading. But not before I make one more observation: Leviticus has become my favorite Old Testament book. So this is a special treat for me today.

As a pastor it is significant to me that the Leviticus reading begins with sacrifices for a priest who sins. Someone once wrote, “If a solitary man sins, he destroys himself. If a family man sins, he destroys his family. But if a Pastor sins, he unravels his whole church.” That’s a sober warning to myself and to any pastors reading this. Men we have got to draw near to Jesus Christ!

As I read through Leviticus it occurs to me that “sin is costly”. My wife and I bought a 1/2 a cow last year which is now only partially remaining in the freezer. It was expensive. It was cheaper than buying all that meat from the grocery store for certain but it was still expensive. The sin offerings were bulls and goats (and birds for the poorest) but the overwhelming sense I get is that sin is costly.

I’ve had to fight through some of my own addictions in the past but it makes me wonder if we had to slay a bull instead of hitting our knees would our addictions find a harder time sticking? – at least once we were truly committed to repenting I mean.