Daily Archives: June 5, 2008

Day 5 With the Literary ESV

Today’s reading encompasses caring for the temple, jealous husbands, Nazirite vows, Temple dedication and preparation.
One of the problems that occurs to me as I reflect on the reading and on the history of Israel throughout the book of Numbers is their many rebellions. Rebellion isn’t much of a surprise to me, not as well as I know my own heart. But the shear knowledge that for forty years, every single day the Israelites would look outside their tent and see the glory of God in smoke or fire resting on the tabernacle. Then they would go out and gather up the Manna which God had given for them miraculously. Then they would rebel by grumbling with some degree of regularity. They did not rebel because they couldn’t see the raw evidence of the God they were serving and should have been seeking. They rebelled for the same horrible reason that I rebel. Wickedness.
God be gracious to me a sinner!