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Praying for your pastor

Don Brock posted a great review of why you should pray for your pastor. Hit the link for the full article or see the summary below.
Synergy: Pray For Your Pastor

Pray For Your Pastor
Pastors need prayer more than criticism. Pastors need prayer more than advice. Pastors need prayer more than finances.

If you are not praying for your pastor, consider stopping the talk to others, and talk to God about the following needs of your pastor:

#1 – Their Connection With God

#2 – Their Family

#3 – Their Relationship With The Staff

#4 – Their Spiritual Warfare

#5 – Their Rest

I’d shout “Amen” over each one of these areas but repeating the post like this is probably the same thing.

Day 8-12 With the Literary ESV

Well it’s not because I didn’t read but because I couldn’t read. It’s Thursday morning and till now I’ve had no internet since last Friday. Our local service provider’s antenna got hit by lighting the second week in a row out here. I guess when you put an antenna on top of the co-op’s tallest bin you’re just begging for a lighting strike.

The end result, on top of missing the fact that I was linked on the ESV blog is that I’m unintentionally three days behind. Well enough of that, Tallyho!

Let’s do Judges and 1 Samuel today and Psalms 60-75.
Plus, to mix things up a bit, I’m going to start with the Psalms Today. From a cry for deliverance to cries of victory the Psalms resound with faith in the midst of struggle. Surely as on preacher said, there is no life situation which the Psalms fail to encounter and encourage us. Perhaps the crown of today’s reading in the Psalms comes from PS 64:10.

Let the Righteous one rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in him! Let all the upright in heart exult!
-Psalm 64:10

All in all these fifteen Psalms, while they encompass a variety of literary types they center around the theme of salvation as echoed most strongly in the 68th Psalm.

Our God is a God of salvation,
oand to God, the Lord, belong deliverances from death.
-Ps 68:20 ESV