Daily Archives: June 13, 2008

Reviewing an ESV Study Bible Sample

In an email this morning the ESV Study Bible has added a new sample to their site. Formerly the introduction to Luke was available this one contains the introduction to Revelation.
It contains 12 major sections

  1. Author and Title
  2. Date
  3. Genre:
    This information is taken from the ESV Literary Study Bible and I’m very glad to see this included.
  4. Theme
  5. Purpose, Occasion and Background
  6. History of Salvation Summary
  7. Timeline (of the writing not an interpretive timeline)
  8. Key Themes
  9. Literary Features (again from the ESVLSB)
  10. Schools of interpretation
  1. Historicism
  2. Futurism (both Historical Premillennialism and Dispensational Premillennialism)
  3. Preterism / Partial Preterism
  4. Idealism
  5. Mixed View
  • Millennial Views
    1. Premillennialism (Classical & Pretribulational)
    2. Postmillennialism
    3. Amillennialism
  • Structure and Outline
  • Overall the introduction is balanced and attempts to represent the divergent interpretive schools without tipping your hand in either direction. The ESVSB goes on to note,