Daily Archives: June 14, 2008

Day 13-14 With the Literary ESV

The Great Coffee Disaster

I had to get up earlier than normal yesterday to help my wife and one of my daughters get out the door on a camping trip. Since it was 4:30 AM I figured I’d get plenty of Bible reading done and still have plenty of time to finish my other goals for the day. Wrong.

My coffee pot was dead – all the way dead in a way that makes it worthless dead. That meant I had no morning coffee and that is not a good thing. So once I got my wife out the door I tried to read and work until the other kids got up. I guess I’m not used to concentrating without my coffee. I didn’t get very far.

So I made a trip to town and bought a new coffee pot – well a coffee press actually. I’ve been wanting one for quite awhile but didn’t want to spend the money. Now that I was faced with purchasing a new coffee pot anyway I nabbed a press instead. Like most models this one doesn’t use any electricity to heat up the water. That means I heat up the water in a large measuring cup in the microwave and once it’s almost ready to boil I pour it in, cap it – let the brew steep for four minutes and then slowly press the grounds down to the bottom. The result? A really good cup of coffee.
Now, let’s open the Bible and get some reading done.

I enjoyed starting with the Psalms first so much yesterday that I think I’ll do it again.