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Why I Will Be Upgrading to Bibleworks 8

It’s always a good idea to balance an equation. A disgruntled user in the BibleWorks forum posted an entry Why I won’t be upgrading to BibleWorks 8 (not for $100+ anyway). I’ve been using Bibleworks since version 4 and I upgraded to version 7 after beta testing the product. When I heard that BibleWorks 8 was coming out I had two reactions. 1) Yay, But I don’t have the money! and 2) is it worth it to me to upgrade? So I started to analyze it out.

Order it from CBD

Order it direct from BibleWorks.

The economy is in poor condition. Money is tight. BibleWorks is not cheap, even at the upgrade from 7 > 8 price of $149. Others may well be in the same boat I’m in and frankly some might be wondering if it’s going to be worth it to them to upgrade from 7 to 8. Let me explain why I think it’s still worth it. After each point I’ll place a value to me annotation. Please understand that this is in no way a real world valuation of the programmers time. Some of the items I’ll rank high would be ranked low by others. It is what it says, an approximation of value to me, a cheapskate.