Albert Mohler: Preaching and the big story

I’m sorry about this one folks the notes aren’t very good, but the message sure was!

The church is starving because of the absence of Biblical meat.

Luke 24:13-32
We are a storied people. Wet use stories to tell anything of significance.
Meta-narrative: the grand story which contains all stories.
We as preachers have got to get away from the pitit-narrative that is, the small stories and move into the meta-narrative.

The story of The Emmaus Road is Jesus imposing the meta-narrative into their pitit-narrative.

Look at the key juxtaposition of what is going on here. These men are sad in the presence of Jesus because they did not recognize him – because they did not comprehend the scriptures.

Like the disciples: one of the great challenges for us as evangelical preachers is people who know a lot but know nothing. Will our own people miss the point? Do they have the scriptures but not understand what they truly mean?

Consider their statement, “didn’t our hearts burn within us as he explianed the scriptures?” This is the prayer I [Albert Mohler] Bring into the pulpit. That people’s hearts will burn within them as I preach.

The great Meta-Narrative of scripture is contained within the framework of

We cannot understand even ourselves without this meta-narrative. Until we encounter the reality that we are CREATED by God. If we take the other major Meta-narrative of “in the beginning nothing exploded into everything” than we are nothing but an accident and therefore life is indeed without meaning.
Neither can we truly understand ourselves without the concept of FALL. We are fallen creatures in a fallen creation.

REDEMPTION now reveals something about God that we never could have known apart from the cross. As Charles Spurgeon said, we encounter he text and make a beeline for the cross.

The CONSUMMATION is more than the restoration of Genesis 1. The consummation is about the glorification of God by the very created, fallen redeemed creatures.

People have a lot of little stories,they have a bag of facts, but they need to see how it all fits together. Help people identify themselves within this meta narrative.