Albert Mohler: The Context of Preaching

One day reading the text decided not to wear his glasses and skipped several pages without knowing; and somehow moved from prayer to circumcision without warning. Later, my daughter asked me why I didn’t wear my glasses and I Complained that it made me look old. And she said well dad, not wearing them makes you look illiterate.

One of the problems with teaching is that we move from prayer to circumcision without warning. We fail to put that which we are preaching in it’s legitimate context.

Too often we just skip around in the OT for stories. And turn them into morality tales, but they are so much more than that. We have got to put those narratives into the covenantal history of Israel in the word of God.

We do the same thing with the parables. We turn them into morality tales when they are about the in breaking of the kingdom. Jesus’ hearers didn’t have a problem with morality but they still had a problem with his parables. These stories, really upset his audiences enough to want to kill them. They were not about mere morality.

In Matthew 13 Jesus spoke in parables so that people wouldn’t understand.

If you read a parable and you are not troubled, you haven’t understood it.

LK 16:19 is not less than a parable.
The rich man is the neuvo riche – new money because he has to show it.
Lk 16:20 Lazarus’ friend’s don’t care for him they dump him at the gate of a rich man in vain hope that he’ll get anything good, but he doesn’t (lk 16:21)
.. (Dr. Mohler walked through the rest of the parable/picture highlighting the theme of the great reversal in vv22-26)
The end lesson is that this is not a mere morality tale.

The point of the parable is the potency of God’s word.

The word of God is the only way, there is no other way. We cannot and will not find a suitable exception or replacement. The word of God in it’s supremacy is the only place to hear the truth.

The rich man’s legacy continues in the church. … There are many who claim to follow Christ who are following the rich man’s logic wherein anything but gospel and word is the method by which to grow a church.

Jesus, in this parable, declares that the scripture is sufficient. “They won’t listen even if someone rises from the dead.” And this is said by a man who rose from the dead. According to the rich man’s logic everyone should have repented.

Sorry I was so enthralled with Dr. Mohler’s message I failed to finish my notes. 🙂 His end however was the exhortation to preach scripture in it’s proper context.