David, The King of Israel by F.W. Krummacher

This is my first submission to this site, although I must say I visit regularly and enjoy the blogs as well as the benefits from downloading the many PBB’s available here. A big Thank you to all who compile them and make them available!

Krummacher’s work on David is a classic which was reprinted by Klock & Klock. I scanned this from my personal library about four years back and recently did the painstaking work of editing. I have tried to maintain the look and feel of the original as much as possible. This was a labor of love and I trust you will enjoy.

Below is an excerpt from the Foreword by Cyril J. Barber.

The life of David, Israel’s shepherd, psalmist, and king, possesses a fascination all its own. A “man after the heart of God,” he nevertheless demonstrated the weaknesses of the flesh. The psalms show him to be a man of like passions. He knew fear as well as joy, felt the hurt of injustice and the anguish of ingratitude, as well as the desire to establish an administration of justice as well as relieve the helplessness of the oppressed. All of these facets of David’s colorful life and reign are captured by Friedrich Wilhelm Krummacher (1796-1868).

Krummacher, F. W. David, King of Israel. Klock & Klock.