Dr. Louis Barbieri: Five F’s For Ministry

I feel like a lion in a den of Daniels

five F’s for ministry

1. Remember your Foundation.
Mark 7 – a wise man builds on the rock.
your foundation is the scriptures (but I say no foundation is laid but Christ 1 Cor.)

All scripture is God breathed.
God breathed life into Adam

how long can you go without breathing? How long can you go without inhaling God’s word? No wonder we are so weak.

doctrine without practice is dangerous, but practice without doctrine is deadly

Men wrote as they were blown along by the holy spirit.

Paul tells Timothy: Preach the Word.

2. Shepherd His Flock
(I’m a sheep in charge of sheep – Tom)
Peter do you love (3x) take care of my flock, feed my sheep tend my flock.

“I exhort you elders as fellow elder to shepherd the flock.”
1 peter 5. ” Don’t lord it over your flock be an example.”

3. Nourish your Family.
You’re called to be a shepherd and you’re privileged to be a husband/father – these do not conflict. May God help you know which one to pour yourself into at the moment.

4. Focus on the Future
We are so wrapped up in this life but it really is so short.
2 Peter 3 – a thousand years like a day …
5th chapter, ‘when the chief shepherd appears you’ll get the crown…”

5. Rest in your Faith.
Mark 11:22 have faith in God (present tense command form) make it your habit to always be having faith.

Faith is the disposition (tendency to act in a certain way) that allows the object of your faith to do something for you. (Charles Price?)

“… Don’t be afraid Jairus – Just believe me…”