Glory Over Yonder

The Moody Bible Institute School Song, especially the last verse.

One with the Lord, and one with one another,
Joined by our faith to Christ, the Elder Brother,
Blest is our fellowship, ever growing fonder
Promise of the better things in glory over yonder!

Glory over yonder, over yonder,
When Jesus comes in glory
We shall part no more. (Repeat)

By blood redeemed, and heirs of God’s salvation,
Called by His Son to toil in every nation,
Far in the harvest field reaping we may wander
Laden with the golden grain we’ll meet in glory yonder

God bless the school that D.L. Moody Founded;
Firm may she stand, tho’ by foes of truth surrounded!
Riches of grace bestowed may she never squander,
Keeping true to God and man her record over yonder.