Here I go again

Well here I go again. This year I’m taking my sixth trip to Haiti – that means I’ve gone often enough to get used to it and yet not often enough not to be a bit reticent.
My reticence this year is born of the food riots taking place in the western hemisphere’s poorest country. I forget when I go to the grocery store and complain about paying twice as much for eggs and milk that the price of food in Haiti has dramatically increased already. It’s not unusual for people to skip meals in that beautiful country; but not because they’re fasting for spiritual renewal – they just can’t afford to buy two cups of rice. So in massive protests the people in Haiti are burning tires, blocking roads and … well… rioting. Mind you I think most of the rioting is actually happening in Port Au Prince. I’ve been in communication with a few folks that should know if there is a problem and I really do not have anything to worry about.

Today I’ve already had the pleasure of a slightly turbulent end to my last flight of the day and my back hurts. The first time you get on a plane it’s exciting every time after that… not so much. There are few things I like less than just sitting still waiting for the next thing to happen. But when you’re strapped into an airplane and sitting on the tarmac with absolutely no control over when you’re leaving it can make a moderately spastic preacher get fidgety.

Tommorrow morning I’ll find myself on board a beautiful DC3 Gooney Bird” with MFI and I’ll make my way to Cap Haitian, Haiti. From there we’ll move to a neighboring place called Vaudreiul (Vodray) and the OMS compound where I’ll settle in at some guest quarters and then get ready to start teaching.

As for now, I think I’ll retire early and get some sleep in preparation for tomorrow.