I needed a laugh

I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard in quite awhile. Michael Heiser has started up a new blog, well actually seven new blogs. Personally I’m in awe. I have trouble being a pastor and posting on one, and If Dr. Heiser can pull it off so much the better! Incidentally if you haven’t heard of or read the SuperUFOConspiraSciFiJudeoChristoReligious thriller The Fa├žade. Than you should. I’m hoping to start and finish it next week, but the first chapter and my previews are promising.

Sorry, I’m babbling. Still dealing with the aftereffects of sleep deprivation I think. The reason I was laughing was from reading PaleoBabble, Michael pulls out a word which perfectly describes so much of the blather that passes for serious study – but isn’t. Are you ready for the word?


It has nothing to do with the raunchy pictures on ancient Greek urns. But has everything to do with the latest discovery and the bogus conclusions drawn by the supposed experts.
Welcome to the blogosphere Michael, I can’t wait for what’s next.