John Butler’s Aliterated Sermon Outlines

If you’re fond of the alliterated sermon form you might want to take a look at Alliterated Sermon Outlines by John G Butler.

Over at Nathan’s Mallard Computer blog he writes,

We’re pleased to announce that we have secured the license to produce John G. Butler’s wonderful resource, Alliterated Sermon Outlines, in the Libronix Personal Book Builder (PBB) format. This resource has been available as a free download from WORDsearch for quite a while, but now you can have it available for your Logos Bible Software and Libronix DLS library. You can grab the resource as a free download from the downloads section of our website

And from the download page:

Alliterated Sermon Outlines by John G Butler was written specifically for WORDsearch’s annual pastors conference. John Butler has an amazing gift to alliterate and now he shares with you his step-by-step techniques of alliterating sermon outlines.Libronix PBB

Also if you can’t get enough of Butler check out the Analytical Bible Expositor on Logos prepub.

Of course if you don’t want to download the PBB you can always just read it on the Logos website.

Update: the file has been moved here. Alliterated Sermon Outlines.lbxoeb