Logos Bible Software

I’m disappointed… I was hoping to attend Camp Logos II this year, but can’t go due to time conflicts… Still, I am learning quite a bit by writing for and teaching the NoVA Logos Users group, plus my own personal bible studies using the software…

I find it just amazing how deep into an original language study I can go, without actually knowing the languages, yet be confident I am learning… (You can see some of what I have learned and taught in the tutorials posted here: ( http://groups.google.com/group/logos-connections-springfield-va-usa/web/john-normans-posts?hl=en ) It even may encourage me to learn them… 🙂 [Oops, just noticed the links on the other site aren’t all working… I will contact the Group manager and try to get things updated this week…]

For those interested in influencing Logos Libronix 4.0, please visit the newsgroups over at news.logos.com (you will need a newsreader like Outlook Express) and browse around. The owners and creators of Logos are always asking for input on various areas over there and they listen!

Logos Website: http://www.logos.com

God Bless…