Make Me a Sequel

Ok, this is blatant “beg bait” so what. I just noted over Here That Michael Heiser has indeed started the sequel to the Facade. If you missed that little tidbit of information than you can read about it. As well as my original (and recent) Facade review.
What I want from you is for you to sign up for a context regarding the sequel. Proceed to Michael Heiser’s blog on UFO Religions and at the bottom of the left hand column sign yourself up but use my email (tcblack at stilltruth dot com) as the recommender.
If I win, I get to be a character in the next novel. And it sounds like I won’t just get killed off in chapter one. I might even make it to chapter 11! Just don’t tell my investment adviser if that happens.

A second way of becoming a character in the sequel has to do with this blog, UFO Religions. I will be collecting email addresses at this blog. Notice that at the bottom of the sidebar on the lefthand side of this blog page you will find a place for people to put in their email address, and–most importantly–YOUR email address as the person who got them to sign up at this location. Your task is to get as many people as you can to sign up and submit your email address as their recommender as you can.