Michael Quicke: I Will Build My Church

One old man was asked to reveal the secret to his long life. He said that every morning you should sprinkle a little gunpowder on your cereal every morning. One woman took his advise. She lived to be 102. She left 12 children, 40 grandchildren, 79 great grandchildren and a 15 foot hole in the crematorium. (Now that is an impact!)


We want to make an impact.
2 Cor 11 even Paul felt like he had to defend his ministry by claiming that he was a superior apostle.
But the impact is not up to us.

MT 16:13-20
Because of your faith revelation Petros, I tell you that on this Petra I will build my church.

Jesus says “[Tom, ]I will build my church!” Jesus always keeps his promise. He will make the impact. Matthew 16:18 declares the promise, I will build my church.


I’ve read through the Bible and whenever Jesus says, I Will” He will do it. – D.L. Moody

It’s not your identity that’ at stake, it’ Jesus’ identity. Jesus as the Lord of his church says I will build.

Emphases: the authority and ability to build the gathering of the saints. The Ekklesia is the called out gathering of the saints.
The Lord of all says “I will build my called out people.”

Without God we cannot; but God without us will not.

Jesus is going to take care of the church no doubt about it. He doesn’t need you to do it but he wants you to do it.