Philip Schaff: ANF, HCC, NPNF, etc

After a little more review of how CCEL has prepared the xml files, I’ve determined an easier way to package them than Builder Builder (which is still a good tool). Basically, there is meta-data in each of the files that already defines the book layout. By using this meta-data I can convert the xml file to html files in less than a minute and compile a book. Though this is still far from perfect, the first version of the tool that I’m building to process these files is promising. I’m uploading some first drafts of books now, and will update them again later as the tool is fleshed out more. Additionally, I will make the tool available after a little while too.

Note: these are not yet formatted as nice as I would like nor are Scripture references converted to something that the PBB Builder can handle. These are two of the things I hope to flesh out over the next few weeks.

Note 2: I’ll just be attaching more of the books to this node over the next couple days. The list will be getting nice and long. 🙂

Update 2/14/08: Removed the seven volumes of History of the Christian Church and uploaded them as a single book.