Scheduled Maintenance

Pending upgrade

I haven’t done any major design work on the site for a year (Stilltruth Redesign question). since then the site has grown with more readers and my own desires for what the site should be has changed. I’m still desiring to be the clearing house for all things Libronix PBB. But I think we can do better. I want to increase my involvement in the BibleWorks community as well as enable a more focused dialog on determining truth in Scripture.

The blog’s name and theme revolves around the unchanging truth – specifically with reference to God’s word. As a personal blog however I often comment on things that are geeky or just plain different. I’m intrigued that as I write this one of the most popular posts on the site is about hacking the Western Digital Mybook World edition!

As a pastor I’m committed to presenting the old word in a new way. As a geek I’m committed to upgrading everything I touch. With that in mind I am planning some scheduled maintenance at an undetermined time on Thursday night August 21, 2008. Among other upgrades I will be converting the site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 and will be instituting some major and minor changes along the way.


I continue to play with the concept of introducing forums. The upgrade will enable me to pave the way for any move in that direction. I can’t replace the logos newsgroups, but I can provide a forum dedicated to Logos. As need arises I also intend to provide a forum dedicated to Bibleworks. Perhaps I could expand to include E-Sword and other Bible study software in the future. The forums have the added benefit of needing only your login – no double logins here.


Speaking of logins, the new site will retain all of the old login information – and will add the ability to login via OpenID.

“OpenID is a free and easy way to use a single digital identity across the Internet. With one OpenID you can login to all your favorite websites and forget about online paperwork!
obtain an OpenID if you’re interested.


Even after the back end upgrade I am building a new template with hopefully a new snazzier look. Well cleaner anyway. The old look wasn’t horrible but I’m always looking for an improvement. Plus a new template will give me a chance to do the reorganization as I wanted it. The end goal is more than eye candy I hope to make the site more easily navigable.

In the instance the new template isn’t completely ready by the time I do the conversion I have a stand in template which will retain the sites current layout and primary structure.

That’s all the site news I have at the moment.
If you have any feedback, click the link and hit the comment section.

In Grace,
Pastor Thomas Black
-Truth is Still Truth even if you don’t believe it