AAAAAH Spiders!
Well only one so far but eaeaeeaeeaeeghk! I hate spiders. I walked into my room last night and what to my wondering eye should appear but a hideous beast eight feet across! (If you think about it carefully all spiders are eight feet across.)
An unidentified breed of 3-4 inch spider was resting on the rug next to my bed. Have I mentioned I don’t like spiders?
My host, Brett Bundy merely smiled and said, “Oh those are too fast for you to kill.” Have I mentioned that I don’t like fast spiders? Fortunately for me Brett showed me the proper and very high speed method of killing them with a wound up belt. The crumpled albeit grody remains are mostly in the trash can down the hall to prove that they are not indeed too fast to kill. Did I mention that I like dead spiders… as long as they’re not dead near me?

While all of the excitement was happening in here it was raining rather large and continuous buckets outside. Tropical rainstorm… ah a sound to relax to after nearly dying of horror from a spider. (Hey it was big to me!)