The Façade

I don’t read many fiction books. I’ve read the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, as well as the Harry Potter series (oh, quit rolling your eyes) but that’s about it. I’m not a huge fan of fiction – oh that reminds me I did read the Davinci Code while researching it but again that’s about it. I do however have a rather profound interest in Spiritual Warfare, The Bible and by outgrowth of these two the paranormal and yes, UFO stuff.

I have long believed that alien abduction stories are not the mere brainchild of people who want their 15 minutes of fame; nor do I believe they are a grandiose conspiracy theories put forth by the Governments of any given country, including our own. I have equated UFO’s and demonic activity for years. Thus when I was reading Dr. Michael Heiser’s work on the Divine Council I ran across a book simply titled The Façade which he had written I knew I had to read it.

The Façade is a fast paced … hmmm. It’s a tough book to describe. Sci-Fi, no that’s not good enough, let me just call it a Supernatural UFO Thriller as a working category. In brief, and hopefully without giving away too much it tells the story of a group of individuals brought into a super top secret government installation in order to figure out the best way to get the public up to speed on what the government has known all along about extra terrestrials.

Central to the story line is Dr. Brian Scott, who doubtlessly at least in academics is something of a mirror image of Dr. Heiser. Proficiency in Ancient Biblical and related languages and a doctoral thesis that revolves around the Divine Council sets the main character up as a scholar who’s not afraid to ruffle feathers if it means getting to the truth – even if those feathers belong to religious establishment, or the government.

While the first several chapters are a bit difficult to get into once you get going the book moves along at a very snappy pace. At times it’s almost comical since most chapters are no longer than three pages long. As soon as you get used to the brevity of the chapters, you’re sucked into the story and carried away with it. The only real slow down likely to occur is in chapter 29 which through the voice of Dr. Brian Scott reveals some of Dr. Heisers work on the Divine Council in the Old Testament and applies it to the UFO phenomena. For anyone unfamiliar with the thinking surrounding this the chapter can be a tough read but not because it’s full of Jargon, but rather because it tends to force a bit of a paradigm shift in terms of your Old Testament Theology.

Don’t get me wrong, properly understood Dr. Heiser’s explanation of the Divine Council does nothing to shake your faith in the absolute supremacy and uniqueness of the One True God YHWH. The Principle – somewhat understated is that before the creation of Genesis 1:1, YHWH created other beings called “the Sons of God” in Job 1,2 and 38. While I’ve typically held that “Sons of God” means angelic beings, Heiser’s own bent is that these beings in particular are unique from the angels and demons, they are the created “elohim” or gods (note the small g) which the nations worship and which for a time were responsible to guide those nations. My brief two sentence introduction to the Divine Council won’t help you much so don’t rush into judgement. There is great merit in what Dr. Heiser writes. If you are interested I would encourage you to read a few of Dr. Heisers articles which are available on his website. I will of course do a much better job explaining his views – and I will be free to continue.

Once you move past the character’s (necessary) briefing on the divine council in chapter 29 the book resumes it’s rapid fire and adictive pace. I’ve rarely been so enthralled in a book that I feel like staying up way past midnight to keep reading it but I was with this one. Short chapters notwithstanding Dr. Heiser is a good author.

As such I recommend heading over to and download the first chapter. But watch out. It’s almost certainly going to cost you the price of the book and it is more than likely going to cost you some sleep.