Truth Is, This Is Only A (fun little) Test

When my son came home from college this last Christmas break we spent some time quizzing each other about different Bible-related topics primarily using the tools and resources in my Logos Bible software library. I thought it appropriate that I share here the questions we came up with on the subject of “truth.” (The choice of the topic was actually inspired by this site.) Whether you take this “test” just for the fun of it or maybe for a little added edification, I hope you find these questions and the answers (listed at the end) both interesting and enjoyable.

1) How many times does the word “truth” (singular) appear in the Bible (NIV)?
__ a) 224
__ b) 298
__ c) 403
__ d) 637

2) Testament-wise, the appearance of the word “truth” is divided:
__ a) About 65% in the Old Testament and 35% in the New Testament
__ b) About equally between the Old and New Testament
__ c) About 35% in the Old Testament and 65% in the New Testament
__ d) Less than 20% in the Old Testament and over 80% in the New Testament

3) Of these four books of the Bible, which has the most occurrences of the word “truth?”
__ a) Psalms
__ b) Proverbs
__ c) Romans
__ d) Revelation

4) Who said “Old truths are always new to us if they come to us with the smell of heaven upon them.”
__ a) Augustine of Hippo
__ b) John Bunyan
__ c) Martin Luther
__ d) King David

5) How many Greek root words are translated as “truth” in the English Bible?
__ a) 3
__ b) 5
__ c) 7
__ d) 9

6) How many Hebrew root words are translated as “truth” in the English Bible?
__ a) 3
__ b) 5
__ c) 7
__ d) 9

7) Who said “Truth demands confrontation; loving confrontation, but confrontation nevertheless.”
__ a) The Apostle Paul
__ b) Thomas Paine
__ c) C.S. Lewis
__ d) Francis Schaeffer

8) Which Gospel records Jesus’ statement, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free?”
__ a) Matthew
__ b) Mark
__ c) Luke
__ d) John

9) According to the Old Testament prophet Zechariah, what city will someday be called the “City of Truth?” (Sorry, no multiple choice on this one!)

(Answers below)

1) a – 224 times in 214 verses (Source: Logos Bible Search)
2) d – 81.7% NT or 183 out of 224 occurrences in the NIV (Source: Logos Bible Search)
3) a – Psalms with 15 / Proverbs has 2, Romans has 7 and Revelation has none (Source: Logos Bible Search NIV)
4) b – John Bunyan (Source: Draper’s Book of Christian Quotations)
5) b – 5 (Source: Logos Bible Word Study tool)
6) d – 9 (Source: Logos Bible Word Study tool)
7) d – Francis Schaeffer (Source: The New Encyclopedia of Christian Quotations)
8) d – John (John 8:32)
9) Jerusalem (Zechariah 8:3)

So, how’d you do?

Bonus Question:
Just in case you didn’t do so hot on the ones above, here’s one more to (hopefully) help you end on a strong note. (My son actually came up with this one since he felt sorry for me ‘cause I did so poorly on the others.)

10) When one party said “I want the truth” who responded with “You can’t handle the truth?”
__ a) Samson to Delilah
__ b) John the Baptist to the Pharisees
__ c) Jack Nicholson to Tom Cruise
__ d) No, really, Jack Nicholson to Tom Cruise

Thank God that when we know, love and follow the real Truth, He doesn’t grade us on tests like these! Take care! ENJOY your day! (Ps. 118:24)