Who is this St. Patrick of whom you speak

I’m sick today so in my own special way I’m wearing green… around the gills so to speak. I’m not really in the mood to post much but I was just reading from Biblical Studies and technological tools about St. Patrick. He mentioned St. Patrick’s confessions so I thought I’d make it easier to find.
I’m pretty certain that St. Patrick – while not a perfect man – wouldn’t agree with the modern focus on swilling green beer and then asking for a special dispensation of grace just to celebrate a day he never would have asked be dedicated to him. He was a Christian man dedicated to the conversion of Ireland. He was a missionary and a teacher. It’s interesting to note by the way that St. Patrick was never officially canonized as a saint by the catholic church, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of catholics from toasting his sainted name.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to take some more Nyquil – at least it’s green.