30 Days With the Literary ESV

In January I caught a post on the Logos newsgroups introducing me to the ESV Literary Study Bible. And I just caught it again at Mark Bertrands Bible Design Blog. My first thought was that it would serve me no purpose. My second thought was to remember that the number of literary allusions to the scriptures in English Literature is mind boggling. So I became curious and decided to check it out. I hit the official web site and started perusing it a bit. Among other things I learned by reading the prefacethat this isn’t about highlighting the Bible in other literature; it’s about highlighting the forms of literature in which God revealed himself. For my taste that sounded better. The Bible is packed with literary styles – it was enough to make me want to read it.

I noticed that I could sign up for a thirty day account for free. This would enable me to have full access to the text, charts and summaries for thirty days. And then I hatched an idea: Why not read through the bible in thirty days? Yes, I mean read through the whole bible in a mere month June hath thirty days so it seems a good month to accomplish my goal. Of course June is also a busy month here in the tcblack household – so it will be a test as well.

Reading the Bible cover to cover typically takes approximately 75 hours that actually means reading for 2.5 hours a day. Now I happen to be an extremely fast reader when I want to be. Mind you, the word of the Almighty is so important it shouldn’t just be rushed through without regard. On the other hand (you have five fingers… think about it…) reading through the Bible for lengthy periods might be just the thing to help you kick start a weakening passion for God’s word. As I tell my Survey classes, “Look for the details later for now just enjoy the broad overview.” Nevertheless I’m going to try and rise to the challenge and blog about it here. If all goes well I’ll be posting these little updates every day to let you know how it’s going.

And if you want to join in, take a look at this reading schedule which reads through all of the prose from Genesis to Revelation and takes the poetic books as a daily reading. I’ve also created a reading schedule for Libronix if you’re inclined to use it.
And if you’re interested in listening while you work you can. At the top of each page where there is a link to play an audio reading. I have no idea who is reading it but it’s actually quite pleasing to listen to but at my reading pace it’s too slow. I invite you to come join me as I race through the Bible in thirty days. I have to start Tomorrow for that is when I sign up for my thirty day free trial of the ESV Literary Study Bible on line. Feel free to sign up and come along for the journey.

If you’d like a slightly slower pace you could take Kevin Wilson’s Bible survey course in one semester.

Here is my schedule. I’ve sliced out the poetic books and included them in each days’ reading so that it looks like this.

Genesis 1 – Job 42; Isaiah 1 – Revelation 22
Psalm 1 – Song of Solomon 8

Date Passage
Day 1 Genesis 1-31; Psalm 1-10
Day 2 Genesis 32-Exodus 12; Psalm 11-19
Day 3 Exodus 13-Leviticus 3; Psalm 20-28
Day 4 Leviticus 4-Numbers 3; Psalm 29-35
Day 5 Numbers 4-30; Psalm 36-42
Day 6 Numbers 31-Deuteronomy 26; Psalm 43-50
Day 7 Deuteronomy 27-Joshua 24; Psalm 51-59
Day 8 Judges 1-1 Samuel 10; Psalm 60-68
Day 9 1 Samuel 11-2 Samuel 13; Psalm 69-73
Day 10 2 Samuel 14-1 Kings 15; Psalm 74-78
Day 11 1 Kings 16-2 Kings 24; Psalm 79-87
Day 12 2 Kings 25-1 Chronicles 27; Psalm 88-93
Day 13 1 Chronicles 28-Ezra 2; Psalm 94-102
Day 14 Ezra 3-Job 6; Psalm 103-105
Day 15 Job 7-42; Psalm 106-109
Day 16 Isaiah 1-44; Psalm 110-118
Day 17 Isaiah 45-Jeremiah 21; Psalm 119
Day 18 Jeremiah 22-Lamentations 2; Psalm 120-135
Day 19 Lamentations 3-Ezekiel 31; Psalm 136-144
Day 20 Ezekiel 32-Hosea 4; Psalm 145-Proverbs 1
Day 21 Hosea 5-Zechariah 11; Proverbs 2-5
Day 22 Zechariah 12-Matthew 23; Proverbs 6-9
Day 23 Matthew 24-Mark 14; Proverbs 10-13
Day 24 Mark 15-Luke 18; Proverbs 14-17
Day 25 Luke 19-John 12; Proverbs 18-21
Day 26 John 13-Acts 16; Proverbs 22-25
Day 27 Acts 17-1 Corinthians 2; Proverbs 26-30
Day 28 1 Corinthians 3-Ephesians 4; Proverbs 31-Ecclesiastes 4
Day 29 Ephesians 5-Hebrews 11; Ecclesiastes 5-11
Day 30 Hebrews 12-Revelation 22; Ecclesiastes 12-Song of Solomon 8