PBB Updater v1.2 (old version)

Update 08/06/2009
I updated the title of this article to make it clear that this is for those who wish to run v1.2. Please read all comments for this version as there are a number of changes and fixes to apply after the fact. After v2.1 is out and stable I will be removing v1.2.


The entries on the PBB_Updater have fallen off the radar and every now and again we get new visitors here that would like some of these PBBs. There are a couple ways that you can use the PBB resource (presuming you have the PBB reader key).

1. Download each file you want independantly and place them into the Resource folder (PROGRAM FILES\Libronix DLS\Resources)

2. Install the PBB_Updater, pick which resources you want, and click Download

Personally I recommend the PBB_Updater method – as I find it to be much easier (and I built it). At this point in time, there are a couple things to do to use it. First is to install it, and second update the configuration file to tell your client machine of a change on the servers.

Coming very soon is the update to the PBB_Updater that will take care of these things – along with fix some date issues we’ve had, and some new features as well. Stay tuned to here more about that!