Who will be elected?

Well, whoever is elected, we will get what we deserve. Democracy guarantees we are responsible for our leaders. Don’t forget to do your Civic Duty!!!

Virginia started voting at 6:00am EST, and I was in line at 6:10am… It went from out of the school, down to the street, and down 1/2 a block… It turned out the 3 touch screen stations (all of them) were not working and they had to go to optical cards… This turned out to be FASTER than the 3 machines… I stood in line only about 35 minutes… (4 years ago, I stood in a line half its size for over an hour.) By the time I got to the ballots, the machines were running again, but people prefered the cards… I wonder if this is going to be a common theme in Virginia…

Tonight I am meeting with friends at an election watch party to pray, watch, eat, and discuss the future… Where will you be (Or where were you) when the 2008 president is (was) elected?

God Bless,