Did you take the time today

Over on my daughter’s blog she comments about struggling with devotions. We all do:

“God needs to take center stage right now. I haven’t done my devotions for a day or two and I am stressed!! Maybe that’s why, and maybe it isn’t. But the day will feel like it’s going a lot better if I start my day out with God. Even if I can only devote 5 minutes of my morning to Him, I need to take that time. If you’re having trouble with keeping up a schedule for devotions or just a quiet time with God, and are a really busy person, and if five minutes is all you can spare than do it!
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I couldn’t have said it better myself. 🙂

The fact is that the year is moving forward and it’s not at all unusual to find that time with God is slipping out of your radar.
So let me just give you this simple little encouragement to stop what you’re doing for the next few minutes just to pray.
Now please excuse me, I have to follow my own advice.