Do Hard Things

I’ve just finished reading, [amazon 1601421125 inline] written by the little brothers of Josh Harris famous himself for writing [amazon 1590521358 inline]. Overall the book is outstanding.

Alex and Brett Harris talk about a counterculture of youth determined to be a part of “A Teenage Rebellion against Low Expectations.”

“If you look back over history you’ll find … movements that were started (or fueled) by young people. The problem is, most of these movements were actually revolts against God-established authority (like parents, church , or government), and many were ultimately crushed or twisted toward another end.
All those failed revolutionary attempts are a discouraging record as far as teen efforts go, but not for rebelutionaries. We’re not rebelling against institutions or even against people. Our uprising is against a cultural mind-set that twists the purpose and potential of the teen years and threatens to cripple our generation. Our uprising won’t be marked by mas riots and violence, but by millions of individual teens quietly choosing to turn the low expectations of our culture upside down.” (DHT p25.)

I’m not going to lay out a lengthy review what I will say is this: I plan on buying a copy for my nieces and nephews this Christmas.

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