How can I get PBB books to show up in the Libronix Passage guide?

One of the limitations of PBB’s is that they do not automatically integrate with the passage guide. You can build a book which happens to be a commentary, but the coding for declaring it such to the program is not included in the PBB file. In other words, Libronix doesn’t know if a PBB is a bible, commentary or an issue of Readers Digest. But don’t fear, there is a solution!

Collect Your Books

First you need to create a collection of your PBB’s you want on the passage guide.
Go to Tools > Define Collections Select NEW and name your collection anything you want such as “PBB books”
Then scroll through your list and add the PBB’s you want in that collection.
Now you need to add that new collection to your passage guide.

Passage Guide Integration

Open your passage guide and click properties. A dialog opens up which enables you to choose what you want to have appear on your passage guide. There are two options now. At the very top you can choose now which collection shows up for commentaries and there you could select your PBB commentaries. This isn’t a bad idea if you’ve been able to get every commentary into the collection, but what if you missed one? I prefer to just create a PBB group and put relevant PBB’s in there. Keep the commentary section default and activate your PBB’s further down.

The next time you generate a passage guide your PBB’s will appear there.