Maintenance Mode

Yesterday was Columbus day. We don’t have any traditions for such a holiday except the kids get out of school. However I had a long list of stuff generally titled “OH, I’ll have to fix that pretty soon.” I guess pretty soon had finally come. So after my morning time with the Lord I launched into maintenance mode for what became most of the day.
To start with, I completely disassembled the entire dashboard of the pickup truck my daughter generally drives. (She calls it her truck).

  • Fixed the gauges so they now actually work
  • replaced all the bulbs in the instrument cluster
  • cleaned the lenses
  • fixed the wiring on the fog lamps
  • Fixed the wiring on her all important radio
  • Fixed the antenna on the “I don’t use it but it’s still kinda cool” CB radio
  • disassembled and drilled through the door panel so I could remove the broken window motor, remove and replace it’s shattered drive gear, then put it all back together.
  • Lubricated a whole bunch of stuff.
  • Cleaned and fixed one of the bulbs/pigtails on another vehicle

All that done I reassembled the dashboard, and noted with great glee that not only did I manage to put back all the screws and have none left over but the thing doesn’t squeak and rattle on bumpy roads – which happen to be everywhere out here. Looking back over the day I’m certain that there was a bunch more of little stuff that got done as well. I was busy for many hours.
I have no doubt that an experienced mechanic could have done it all in much less time, but sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

We’ve all got lists of things that we’re going to get to later. Household repairs, automotive maintenance, even web-servers like this one take maintenance. But what about your spiritual life?

What items have you been putting off or writing on your imaginary “I’ll get to this later” list? Scripture memory? Repentance? Prayer? Family problems? Budget problems? Giving? Serving? Evangelism? Visitation?

Let me encourage you to sit down with your calendar right this moment and carve out a maintenance day. You’ve got stuff to do.