With or without the Devil’s help.

There are perhaps three basic reactions to any story regarding the supernatural and demonic. First there is the wholesale acceptance of anything remotely smacking of Satanism, “The enemy is crafty, this is evil it must certainly be true! There’s a demon under every rock!”

The second response comes from a firmly entrenched western-centric intellectualized anti religion, “Puhleaz! I stopped

believing in the devil when I was born – there is no such thing as a demon this story is about evil people doing evil things without the so called devil’s help.”

The third category of response is the bury your head in the sand and maybe it will go away mentality.

Ok there’s the reactions now here’s the story:
A group of Russian Satanists have ritually murdered, cooked and eaten four teenagers. (FNC)
The sickening details in the Sun article:

“Horrified cops found body parts dumped in a pit beside an upside-down cross… The victims all suffered 666 knife wounds… three girls and a boy …were lured one by one to a cottage and forced to get drunk before being butchered. … After police arrested eight suspected members of the ring, one boasted how they had previously dug up the grave of a newly-dead girl and eaten her heart. Another said he did not expect to be punished, saying: “Satan will help me to avoid responsibility. I made lots of sacrifices to him.” And a third said he had got fed up with God for not making him rich and that “things improved” after he started praying to the Devil.”
Knifed 666 times each and eaten | The Sun |News

The description of the ritual is horrible (I left some of it out) the deception of the participants (both the eight satanists involved and the four victims) is beyond horrible.
The reactions are bewildering even to me.

One respondent to the article stared down the facts with a succinct dismissal. Whatever his reasons for saying so I suspect he’s not far from the mark in principle.

“not very good satanists as the real number of the beast is 616 not 666 – just the usual sick…using religion as an excuse to murder rape and pillage.”

Other respondents didn’t want to hear about it, one even expressed that he wished she hadn’t read the article. Others of course pounced on the events as self-incriminating evidence of the reality of Satan.

For my money the most curious response came from someone calling themselves aiwass93:

“Absolute rubbish , thought these storys about so called satanism went away with the 90’s.”
Sun Online

Huh? Talk about burying your head in the sand. The fact of the matter is that a group of people who called themselves satanists, brutally (in every sense of the word) murdered, cooked and ate four teenagers all in the name of worshiping the Devil.

Whether you believe in the devil or not, events like this are evidence enough that evil is real. Human depravity exemplified.

The truth is that Satan does exist. But I don’t believe that these Satanists are the sum expression of all he wants to accomplish. Satan is greedy for worship, yes, but I believe he is also just happy when individualls will not follow the Lord.

Satan’s purposes are met when Satanists worship him or when Christian artists turn their back on Christ and embrace a lifestyle specifically forbidden in scripture and yet have the audacity to clamor that God is happy with it. ( For more on that story, I recommend, Tim Challies assessment on Ray Boltz’ deception: A Lesson in Worldview (Brought to You by the Letter “I”).)

His purposes are equally met with people who think they are Christians but are not, or with Christians who are languid and disinterested in their Lord.

What does it matter if someone wears a pentacle or a crucifix if they neither one know Christ? The end for both is destruction and our greatest need is not to wring our hands but to fold them in prayer.

For much more on Spiritual Warfare see:

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