Preach The Word!

I snagged this from the Irish Calvinist this morning. Read the quote, read the article and gain understanding of why I preach.

“we are told by many ‘experts’ today that talking to people in large chunks of time is not effective. Furthermore, it is often said to be arrogant and archaic to stand up behind a podium and have people sit down while you talk. But what do you see at the National Conventions? A speaker, a podium, a crowd seated, an appeal to action, and even propositional statements! What’s more, we have panels of talking heads dissecting everything about the speeches with the tenacity of a hyper-calvinist in a Methodist church. It seems to me that the people who are spending millions of dollars to get their candidates message out actually believe that this venue is appropriate. They have apparently not gotten the evangelical memo outlining the social dynamic of our culture and their inability to listen.”
I thought you said preaching was outdated? | Irish Calvinist

I preach and I preach the word of God because I’m not smart enough to come up with something of my own worth hearing. Yet God himself gave his word and that is worth hearing.