The Wounded Spirit

Frank Peretti faces his own personal demons in this short but poignant look at bullying titled simply [amazon 0849916739 inline] As one who myself was bullied (and whom I’m ashamed to admit did some bullying) it was a hard read.
Beginning with his own story, Peretti lays it out pretty clearly how damaging bullying really is. It’s not normal it’s not acceptable. It’s a sin along the lines of adultery and murder.
First Peretti deals with the bullied and then the bully himself – demonstrating the healing made possible in Christ and highlighting a call to redemption; as well as a challenge to refuse to allow this typical horror of the school environment.

For me it was hard read in the sense that it brought me to prayer for others as well as myself. Finally i just have one thing to say:

Rick, yeah you the guy I knew in grade school. If you’re reading this out there, I was wrong and I’m sorry.

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