Other ways to get the PBB’s


If you have a Libronix Bible study package from Logos Bible software you’ll want this collection of nearly 900 Personal Book Builder books covering a massive selection of topics and authors like AT Robertson, AW Tozer, Luther and many many more.

I’ve finally gotten around to crafting a torrent file for all of the PBB’s thus far (6-17-2008).
If you don’t know anything about bittorrent I’ll suggest hitting Bittorrent.com and clicking on “GET BITTORRENT NOW”.
This particular torrent will help save hard drive space by actually recreating a directory structure the same created by Randy’s excellent PBBUpdater. It will all be created within a PBB directory. So wherever you save your files to you can simply point Libronix to it.

For example the directory being downloaded is PBB. Thus your books will appear as:

I’ll leave the torrent up as long as it’s being used. When I go two weeks without anyone using it either as a seed or a leach it’ll come down.


I’ve got my PBB files on a foldershare folder. I’ll make it public /read only if someone wants to download and install foldershare – then zip me an email (Use the contact form in the left column). Put the words “PBB FOLDERSHARE” as the subject and I’ll email you back an invitation to the foldershare.

NOTE: The foldershare experiment is a failure. Not only was it populating my directory twice but my home bandwidth went through the roof. Sorry to those that have been using it but I’ve had to cut it off!