Libronix Tools LogoTransforming the way you work with Libronix.
Well maybe or maybe not but I am hoping for a growing collection of tools which will assist you in working with Libronix.

The First major project comprising Libronix Tools is a conversion filter which will take documents and directly export them into ready to compile Libronix Sermon Files.
After that is finished I plan on creating some other XSLT filters for which will enable import/export functionality for a number of Libronix’s XML based documents.
You can read more about the first filter which is somewhat simply named OOo2lbxsfl by clicking the link below. (or here if you insist).
The file, code hosting and bug reporting and more should all be done at the Sourceforge site. I will of course host the completed version here but the most up to date version will always be available at the Sourceforge site.