My Library Assistant

MLA – My Library Assistant


What is MLA?

MLA is a program that runs alongside Libronix and provides some new tools via some additions to the Libronix menus and a system tray icon.

What does MLA do?

MLA provides a way to create user defined Library Arrangements that include both book resources and other Libronix documents.

How does MLA work?

When MLA first starts it checks to see if Libronix is running. If it is then MLA adds some menu items to the current Libronix instance. If Libronix is not running then MLA will give the option to start Libronix with a chance to select from any existing Libronix Workspaces. Once Libronix and MLA are running together MLA will watch the Libronix menus and respond to the menu options that relate to MLA. The MLA menu options are handled by MLA and not by Libronix, this means that the first time you select one of the MLA options from the Libronix menu you may get a message informing you that the menu option has no associated script. That is ok. Just check the box to tell Libronix not to report this error in future.

You can quit MLA any time using the Exit option on the right-click menu ofthe MLA system tray icon. MLA will then remove itself from the Libronix menus and close. If you exit Libronix while MLA is still running MLA will close down automatically after a short pause.

Will MLA work on my PC?

MLA has been tested under Windows XP and Vista. It does not work on Windows98, or earlier. MLA has only been tested with single instances of Libronix and should not be used alongside any other Libronix start-up script.

What about the future?

Libronix is being developed in many really great ways. My hope is that the next version of Libronix will allow for much greater flexibility with regard to organizing resources. I hope then that MLA will become totally redundant. Until then you may find it useful.