Just a few concerns and considerations as I work on the export filter for OOo=>lbxsfl

  • Title will need to be created from the sermon title
  • Passages will not be filled in, you will have to do this manually. The easiest way is by copying the open file to the clipboard and then filling the verse list from the clipboard.
  • The Publish To Logos Database will be turned off by default (both to ensure quality is all that get’s uploaded and because I want to choose which of my sermons get uploaded
  • the default type will be sermon, if it is an illustration you will have to change the radio button manually.
  • The author information I may not be able to auto fill either. I have to think about how to do this.
  • Topics and tags will most likely need to be added manually.
  • I will attempt to input the file creation date (or last save date) as the preaching date, the location will be left blank
  • the notes will be filled in by the comments section of OOo I hope.

Please include your concerns in comments below.