The Fruit of the Rose Bush

It’s been a while since a cross-posted a blog entry to But, while learning about the landscape of my yard I have found comparison to the teaching of Scripture. So, I thought I would cross-post tonight.

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So, I’ve mentioned how I’m learning about fruit development in a rose bush. I just thought I would describe what I am learning so you might use the illustration as a way to interpret/understand the Scriptures when it speaks of the fruit of the Spirit and the fruit of the fleshly nature.

So, a rose bush develops the pretty and beautiful rose flowers. When they bloom, you get to enjoy the sights and smells of this wonderful flower. But then over the course of a week or two, that flower dies and collapses in on itself. And as it collapses, it grows into a ball. This ball then grows in size and in “meat” as it turns into a full fledged fruit (rose hips). As this process occurs, the plant is putting its energy into growing this fruit – and while it does so, in that area it does not put energy into creating more flowers. If you want more flowers, then you need to prune off the fruit so the plant stops giving energy to the fruit and redirects the energy to the flower.

It’s actually a pretty cool process. And the plant produces whatever you allow it to put its energy into. Oh yeah, the rose bush also comes complete with many thorns that prick and cut and hurt. You can also spend your time pruning those off – though I do not. And the other interesting thing is, with the rose bush at the end of the year you cut it down to the ground and it will start all over the next year. If you do not cut it down, those branches just die, take up space, and make it harder for the new branches to grow and flourish.

What kind of understanding does this add to your interpretation of the fruit in Scripture? Does it give any additional meaning to you when it is said that if your eye offends you then you should pluck it out? In what ways should we treat our own bodies as a rose bush?