“God Indeed Bless The School That D.L. Moody Founded!”

God bless the school that D.L. Moody Founded;
Firm may she stand, tho’ by foes of truth surrounded!
Riches of grace bestowed may she never squander,
Keeping true to God and man her record over yonder.

I too am a bit in mourning that Dr. Easley will be resigning as well. Has anyone heard what he would like to do now? I guess that I am the same as you are tcblack, I saw the scripts of his applying for the position and I was so glad to hear that they elected him as president. I say that we pray for:
-The trustees as a whole as they choose a new leader.
-The Institute that it will continue to be a BIBLE no matter what.
-The faculty as they will adjust.
May the Lord bless.