Project H.A.G.A.R. Helping the Single Mother

When I was in Bible School (technically Moody Bible Institute is not a seminary at the undergrad level) I worked forty hours a week and went to school at least 12 hours per semester. Add on a two hour commute to and from Chicago on most days and my schedule kept me going from about 5 AM to 1 AM Every day. For the five years I was there my wife was essentially a single mother. May God reward her forever!

Some are single mothers because of divorce or abuse, some because of abandonment or even rape. But some are single mothers by fornication or adultery. Sin is the most prevalent method of becoming a single mother. It’s a serious topic – because all sin brings about condemnation.

But let us assume repentance has occurred. The sin no longer brings condemnation for it is forgiven (I love God’s grace!) However the child still remains. What should the church do with single mothers and their children?

In brief, we should embrace them – equip them, love them, guide them to Christ and disciple them. Without candy coating sin we need start from the beginning recognizing that the real single mothers in our communities need help not pointed fingers and wagging tongues. We can and should deal with the sin by presenting the gospel message. After that it’s time to get involved.

Over the next few days I’ll be addressing the topic of Single Motherhood and what the church should be doing about it.