Transfering Notes

I mentioned yesterday that I was copying notes from my old bible to me new one. That is only half true. Years Ago, when I started walking in faith I was given a Ryrie Study Bible (NIV). I carried it to church and wrote in it. I carried it to Moody Bible Institute when I started classes there. And I wrote in it and I was happy.

The large Ryrie proved to be, well, too large to tote back and forth on my commute together with all of my other books so I bought a tiny little NIV that I could write in. And I wrote in it and I was happy. But I did not transfer any notes.

Over time I became aware that most of my professors (if not all) were using the NASB, well everyone but Dr. Ron Sauer who stubbornly stuck to his GNT – which was fine because he was after all my Greek professor. By the middle of my second year at Moody I determined that I wanted an NASB for all of the reasons that I heard my professors give for preferring it.
It’s more literal, I prefer a word for word translation theory, blah blah blah. So I bought a small NASB and used it. And I wrote in it and I was happy. But I did not transfer any notes.

My eyesight has never been good but after graduating I determined that I needed a larger Bible, so I purchased a larger NASB off the bargain rack no less. And I used it and preached from it. And I wrote in it and I was happy. But I did not transfer any notes.

This not transferring notes was fine because due to my propensity to being a cheapskate I have purchased bibles of low quality bindings and in time they either end up missing pages or at the least maps and end matter. I’ve probably gone through a few of the larger NASB bibles to date never transferring notes. But I’ve also amassed a few – and others I’ve given away to Love Packages without ever worrying about my notes.

This time however I have a Bible that I hope will last for quite some time – and I’ve decided that I don’t need a shelf full of old Bibles which someone else like a pastor in Africa or my son could use. With that in mind I’ve begun transferring notes. I’m not transferring all of them, just the ones that seem timeless or which I’ve dated as significant moments on my journey with God. Some of these like Abraham’s ancient altars provide points in time I can look back on and remember “thus far has the Lord brought me”. I see the Faithfulness of Christ in some of these notes; and that is my main reason for transferring them.