A Wishlist for all the Logos Books you want! (As well as everything else)

One of the most requested features for Logos Ebook fans is for a wish list feature for the Logos books. I mean Hey, why not create a wish list with all the Libronix books you really want (there are thousands). Then give that wish list to all your relatives (including the distant ones of course) for Christmas shopping. You’ll never get a pair of bunny slippers for Christmas again, unless of course you really want them. Unfortunately perhaps Logos hasn’t yet put this feature on their website; but Amazon.com has.

Amazon has just come out with an excellent little widget toolbar button called appropriately enough the “universal wishlist button” Isn’t that a great name? Of course to use it you’ll need to follow some simple steps.

  1. Get The button
    1. You’ll need an Amazon.com account, most people have them already but if you don’t go ahead and get one, they’re free!
    2. Once you’re logged in to your account click on your wish list and look for the following text

      “Add items from any website to your Amazon Wish Lists. Get the Universal Wish List Button.

      It’ll probably look like this:

    3. Once you click that link you’ll see a Button like this one:

      Drag that button to your toolbar and you are ready for action.

  2. Use the Button

    1. Browse to a book you’ve been wanting on Logos.com like for instance Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica which is currently on prepub.
    2. click the Add to Wish List button on your toolbar and fill in the details including the price and any key notes you want to make about the item.
    3. Once you confirm the information you’ll get a confirmation:

    4. Tell People about your wishlist by clicking the appropriately named link on your wishlist home page.

      See the green square?

Now, since you enjoyed that little tutorial would you like to see my wishlist? Well then, I’m happy to grant your request. 🙂
My Amazon.com Wish List