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James Denney: Studies in Theology

I have created a PBB resource of James Denney’s Studies in Theology. You can download it by clicking the attachment link below.

According to Denney’s bio on Wikipedia, these lectures delivered at Chicago Theological Seminary in 1893 first brought attention to his views on the atonement. Later he would publish his best-known book, The Death of Christ, on the same subject. You can also get this work in PBB format here.

What He Must Be

[amazon 1581349300 thumbnail] I came home from the MBI Pastor’s Conference with a monstrous stack of books. Many of them I got for free, this one I purchased. Voddie Baucham Jr.’s [amazon 1581349300 inline] is an amazing examination of the character qualities both of fathers who are supposed to be guarding their daughter’s purity and the perverts guys who may be interested in marrying them. All joking aside I found Baucham’s writing style to be quite like listening to him speak – which if you’ve never done is an exercise in learning to take a rebuke. With little exception he is intentionally biblical, passionately focused on Christ.

US Burns Bibles in Afghanistan

Here is a bit of news that requires a great deal of prayer… The US Military has started buring Bibles written in the Afgan languages confiscated from US soldiers…

One of the hardest things I find about being a Christian is when rules and conscience come into conflict. I understand the requirement for the army to be religiously neutral, but the writer of the blog linked above is right; What would happen if we burned a bunch of Korans in the same situation?