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Greater Than A Mother’s Love

Isaiah writes to the people of Israel during a time of degenerating morals in the nation. Many in Israel have turned to the worship of Idols and YHWH God to them is either ignored or they attempt to worship him alongside the others. Because of their constant refusal to repent and return they are to be judged. But even before the judgment falls God begins to compassionately promise them a redeemer; an anointed leader, The Messiah who will redeem them.

Candlish: The Gospel of Forgiveness

I have created a PBB resource of Robert S. Candlish’s work, The Gospel of Forgiveness. You can download it by clicking the attachment link below.

This book is a collection of Candlish’s discourses on Psalms 19, 32 51 and 91, and assorted passages in John’s Gospel, 1 Corinthians and Revelation that were compiled posthumously in this work. There is an appendix with addresses to students at the New College, Edinburgh.


Mom Kept the Light On

When I was a child after evening’s failing light
I’d see the growing shadows and be afraid of the night

Dad didn’t really like it when he’d tuck me into bed
But mom would keep the light on so I could rest my head.

She’d bow her head and fold her hands and pray into the night
Calling out to Jesus in the presence of her light.

As I went to school and found friends and sometimes fights
mom would keep the light on if she heard me crying late at night

As through the years I grew and sometimes we would fight
I knew that even if we screamed mom would still