Daily Archives: August 8, 2009

Adding a PBB Resource

Step 1 : Upload the File with Web File Manager (WebFM)
Inside of WebFM, there is a directory structure that starts at /webfm/public/pbb. Underneath this directory is where the Author directories are created. And underneath the Author directories is where the pbb files are uploaded. This process has not changed any, but this process is where some information comes from to be used later. The information that needs to be remembered from this step is the name of the Author directory and the file name of the resource.

PBB Updater: Support

The PBB Updater Support tab has the bug tracking system from SourceForge built in to it. No longer do you need to go find the PBB Updater on SourceForge to submit a bug. Now just click on the Support tab and you will be on SourceForge ready to submit your ticket.

To submit a ticket, click the “Add new” link and file in the request information. You are also able to upload files – such as your Session log file.