Daily Archives: August 8, 2009

PBB Updater: Configuration

The Configure tab may be used to view what the current storage directories are, and to set a custom location. This will configure a root level directory under which the standard directory layout will be implemented.

For example, the standard location (on Vista) for resources is C:\Users\\Documents. Under this directory, two directories will be created if they do not exist.

1. Libronix DLS
2. Libronix Resources

PBB Updater: Logs

Under the Logs tab, you may see what has been done under the current session – and in all sessions.

By default, the current session log is shown. You may view the “all sessions” log by selecting “Resource Log” and then click the “Refresh” button. To go back to the current session log, select “Session Log” and click the “Refresh” button.

While on the Logs tab, if a change occurs it will automatically show up on the screen. Clicking the “Refresh” button is not necessary to see updates.

Adding a new Resource

So, the process for uploading PBB files has changed a little bit over the last couple years that I have been visiting StillTruth.com. The Libronix PBB Books and Series and its corresponding change in the PBB Updater is probably the largest change that I have seen to date. And personally, I think that it is very cool. So cool that I was thrilled to get started on PBB Updater v2.1 to implement this change in the updater. But, it comes at the cost of a little more complexity to the uploading process.