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Can you Define the the Emerging Church?

It feels a bit like old news to me, but that was the question from a dear partner in service to the Lord in my in-box this morning.

This is surely not the answer to end all answers, but I’ll have a go anyway.

Snarly answer:

The Emerging Church movement is a house of cards without foundation walls or ceiling, direction, blueprint or future; and most assuredly without a Bible they trust or a God they can identify.

Real answer:

The Emerging church is a bit like post-modernism – hard to define but easy to spot. In fact the Emerging church has emerged out of post-modern philosophy which can be summarized in phrases like, “There is no such thing as absolute truth” which is itself an absolute statement.

There is Only One God

For many months now I have had a building desire to both study and preach about one topic in specific which is both simple in it’s specificity and yet intolerably complex to approach. I have a passion to speak to us about the person of God our Father.