Daily Archives: November 3, 2009

Study the way you want to

Logos 4’s passage guide, Exegetical guide and Word study guide are improved over prior versions. One of the key improvements is that you can make them do and be what you want them to be.

Click Guides > “Make a New Guide Template“.

If you do a different type of study for Sunday School and your Sermon you can create guides that specifically look for the information you’re wanting. Don’t do word studies for Sunday school, remove some things. Need word studies as part of your main passage guide, put them in there.

Once you’ve customized your guide you can name it, and here’s a great tip:
To make YOUR guide the default guide the program uses, name it “My….”

  • My Passage Guide
  • My Exegetical Guide
  • My Word Study

Now, when you enter a passage and click go – you’re guide will come up.

Will my PBB’s work in L4?

Straight from the CEO I have an answer to the what about PBB’s question. In the Private Beta forums (which are now public) Bob said,

“We ABSOLUTELY intend to support both PBB and SermonFile in a future release…

(keep reading there’s more)