Machen: The Literature and History of New Testament Times

I have created a PBB resource of J. Gresham Machen’s book The Literature and History of New Testament Times. You can download it by clicking on the attachment link below.

This book, originally published in 1915, may have been used as a Sunday School curriculum. It was published by the Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work. There are 52 chapters, one for each week of the year. The book also references a “Student’s Guide” but I haven’t been able to find this.

This book provides a concise summary of N.T. history, an overview of each N.T. book, and additional chapters on topics such as the sacraments, church government (written from a conservative Presbyterian perspective), the N.T. culture and environment, and more. As I reported in my previous blog post, precious few of Machen’s works are in the public domain. This one, and The Origin of Paul’s Religion, are.